Our Future Vision! 
So we have after lots of research and conversations and praying made some great decisions for the future of TOMM. After our last update in March of this year we knew our finances were not enough to keep running the centre the way it was being run, due to the massive expenses of the building maintenance. Our new vision for the future of TOMM is to take some of the medical services we provide to the people in the Slums who need it the most. We are therefore now fundraising to buy a vehicle so we can take clinics to the people. We also want to raise money to buy a plot of land and build something sustainable which will not only meet the needs but will mean that all the money we raise will go into the care of the patients and that the future of TOMM will be secure in the building. We want to keep TOMM alive whilst we are raising the money for the new building and the mobile clinic is a great option to still offer services but without the expense of the current building and all its repairs. So we aim by the start of next year to have the mobile clinic up and running and we are currently looking into the best ways to get a vehicle there that is fit for this purpose as well as looking into the best use of the clinic when it is mobile including vaccination options. We have made some great connections with people who can help us in this area.

Our focus now is on fundraising and trying to create connections with businesses or companies who can help us move forward with our vision for TOMM. We need more regular givers so we can build up the finances needed for this new venture. In the mean time our Uganda administrator Steven has begun his degree in Business Management which will give him some extended skills to run the new mobile clinic and eventually the new building, he is a valuable asset to the TOMM team and has worked for the medical centre for over 5 years. He also has a real passion for patient care and in his spare time often goes to care for patients without family in the main hospital of Uganda. We feel blessed to have him as part of our team and we are supporting him in this new qualification and adventure. Our UK administrator is also taking part in some operations and administration internship and ministry qualification through !Audacious church in Manchester, we support her in this and know that some of the skills she will gain through the operations team of this very big church will help us expand TOMM in the future. 

If you would like to get involved in fundraising or become one of our amazing regular givers please get in touch of check out our forms that can be downloaded from the home screen. We are also in the process of creating a space where people can donate online. 

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