Uganda March 2016 Updates
We've arrived, and things are a little difficult. We are short on cash donations and regular donations, so we are at a point where we are considering if we have to close temporarily re-group, plan and maybe open up smaller and build it up again. Sadly the unstable dollar, sterling and an unsettled political environment in Uganda have made things difficult. 

But, we hope we can generate some more income and continue, but we fear a backlash from the issues with larger charities misbehaving and other issues around the world and in Europe in particular are discouraging donations. This is sad as we are helping people to remain at home and health. 4,000,000 Ugandans can't afford food, clean water or basic medicine. Typhoid, Cholera and currently Yellow Fever are rife! 

At our AGM, here in Uganda, we discussed options, where we shared our vision for TOMM in the future. It is unanimous that we look for a small plot of land and build our own purpose built clinic, with the option to acquire further land and expand in time. We would have our solar which will help with power bills being almost non-existent plus the bonus if no rent. Thank you to our partners, we hope and pray things will improve! 

The current equipment is poor, broken beyond repair. It is that these items are very old! Not that they have been careless. We desperately need an Ultrasound, around £1200, new blood count machines around $3200 plus shipping. New centrifuge, £800 plus shipping. If we could renew some of the equipment we feel we could offer services that those here in Kawempe can afford, would pay for and thus generate an income for the centre.


Helena and Robert
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