Uganda April 2015 Updates

12th April 2015
Today was a first, Helena preached in the Prayer Palace, which was well received. Then back to the hotel to plan for tomorrow!

The lights went on late last night, and we are so pleased. The final sockets will be placed tomorrow and the work is completed, well this phase! We now have 50% solar (we sadly only had enough for this) so we will continue to campaign for more money and hope to have enough to place the other 2 panels on by our next visit!

Tomorrow we are looking at new mosquito screens for all the windows! We hope to get that completed by the end of our trip. This will cost us the princely sum of 100,000 Ugandan shillings which is about £23 we plan on getting fly screens for the doors to keep out the mozzies and wasps!

11th April 2015

So the panels are on and we are generating electricity! The work is continuing to put in new lights and switches. We are really pleased and so are the staff! It is mosquito city and it is the worst I have seen it, and malaria is rife!

10th April 2015

So today work started on the solar panels! We are very excited and hope that it will be completed and then the lights will never go out during any operations!

9th April 2015

So we have emptied the store rooms of items donated to the mission from the USA all out of date! That was before it got to the mission! But tomorrow the solar goes on - photos I hope tomorrow!

8th April 2015

Today we have paid for all the new licencing for the clinic! Gained estimates for the work we want completing. We will find out tomorrow when the solar panels go on!

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