Uganda October 2014
Thursday 23.10.14
We are en route to Uganda. A brief stop at Schiphol Airport and we take off at 11am SET landing around 22.25 hours Ugandan time. Already tired as we set off from home at 3.30am! 

We are looking forward to seeing everyone at the medical mission, and take our sheets and blankets to them.

More updates as we go.


Helena and Robert and the Team
Fraser, Cassie and Zoe

Friday 24.10.14
We have arrived safely at the hotel and received a wonderful welcome from our friends. 

We are going to have a day to acclimatise to the heat and change some money.

Tomorrow we are going to audit the building itself and list what we can do this trip.

See you soon
Helena, Robert and the team!

Saturday 25.10.14
Saturday's update! 
Well today we have audited the needs of the building, and there is more than we had originally thought. There is remedial work needed and we will have to find temporary accommodation whilst it is carried out! So we have looked at a building today and we are uncertain it is big enough. See we are considering our options and will update everyone as soon as we can.
Seen a lot of youngsters today who ran and waved at use as we drove by. Big smiles and a wonderful welcome.
See you soon
Helena and Robert 

Sunday 26.10.14
Today was Sunday, obviously, so we went to church at the Prayer Palace in Kawempe. It was loud and proud. Very enjoyable! 
We had a meeting of the TOMM directors, where we had an honest discussion about what needed doing. We have come up with a plan to do some remedial work, which has altered our plans. But, this is Uganda! 😃

Monday 27.10.14
today we spent time at the medical centre, after buying paints, brushes, rollers, sandpaper and scrapers! The main reception now sports a clean set of walls in cream, and the front veranda has been scrapped free of most loose paint etc.
Tomorrow we start on another room and finish off the prep work on the veranda - but Robert has not been well, but we hope he is better tomorrow.
Seen you soon

Tuesday 28.10.14
Today we have been working at the centre again, Robert, who is feel much better, has mended the shower and is half way to sorting out the toilet! But now we have to have the septic tank emptied!!! At a cost of 250,000 Shillings. 
We have painted the doors into theatre and delivery but maybe another coat when we go next. 
We have decided to have a day off tomorrow and drive to Jinja to see the source of the Nile! We felt we needed to see a little more of Uganda than just the drive from the hotel to the centre! Photos to follow :)
Yesterday Robert and I were feeling under the weather and today it is Fraser's turn to feel poorly but hopefully better by tomorrow.
Helena and Robert
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