Uganda October 2013 Update
Monday 4th November 2013

We are still in Uganda, with no power - so cold showers are very bracing! 
We are running out of clothes!!!! 
We hope we can get on a flight later this week. But in the mean time we have not been idol we have 2 further teaching sessions for schools. Also, we have been able to sign the paperwork so TOMM Uganda Ltd has been born today! We are now an official company in Uganda. Later we hope to gain NGO status and be an official charity here in Uganda. 
We now plan for Easter 2014 and what we want to achieve then!
Helena and Robert x x

Sunday 3rd November 2013
We seem to have an extended stay in Uganda. But our friends have some plans so our time will not be idle. Some more teaching and maybe some planning for next years trip. 
We hope to fly home soon, but it may be as late as Saturday 9th November so we will have missed Bonfire night :(
Helena and Robert x x

Friday 1st November 2013
Visited a secondary school/high school Varying Nationalities from around Africa. Health Education again, with some time for questions and answer sessions. Helena Spoke to over 200 students, but was glad they had a microphone!
Some of the questions were easy enough to answer but then some were more difficult - Like 'Why do I forget things I have been revising for' Or general health questions like how to not have pimples or why use a gentle sponge on delicate skin. So all in all we have found that teenagers have the same fears and questions no matter where they are.
More soon
Helena and Robert

Wednesday 30th October 2013
Another amazing day at a school, such a welcome - they clapped and sang as we arrived. But again more intelligent questions from the Primary school. Such a change from some of my students!  Then we went to the medical mission and admitted a boy of 4 - he walked in with mum, but had Malaria and Typhoid. So he had to have a drip put up and IV antibiotics such a brave lad!
Going into the slum areas tomorrow to video the living conditions so that will be interesting!

Just remembered I was going to update about the old lady with Malaria, Typhoid and a diabetic with high blood sugars! We saw her again today and she is looking much better. She speaks no English but she shook our hands and thanked us in Ugandan.  We are so pleased she is doing so well.
Helena and Robert x x

Tuesday 29th October 2013
Yet another up date, we returned to the medical centre for a staff meeting. Where we asked them for ideas and for any on how to promote the clinic and get the message out to the local people. We then went to a primary school where I was asked to teach on hygiene. Which surprisingly went well.
I was stunned when a 10 year old asked me about bacterial reproduction and 'why are babies born dead? and how do babies get HIV from their mum?'
Excellent questions shame the tutor was a bit shy! 
See you soon!
Helena and robert

Monday 28th October 2013
Today Robert and I ran a free clinic at TOMM, Robert saw approximately 37 people with Doctor Henry. Seeing patients with a variety of issues, from Malaria, Typhoid and HIV/AID's patients.  One lady came with a combination of Malaria, Typhoid and she was a diabetic. She had come for treatment and was very sick, dehydrated and critically ill. But the medicine she needed was not available. The clinic did not have the money for the medicine and she was too sick for tablets and needed IV medication. So despite having paid for a variety of medicines Robert and I decided to pay for the treatment in order to save her life and began a fluid resuscitation of this sick lady. Update tomorrow as to whether she survives the night!
I saw about 30 young women and children, mainly pregnant with urine infections, pain and discomfort. One young boy had an inner ear infection requiring  antibiotics. Another young woman who had oedematous (swollen) legs which was related to her malaria and not the pregnancy. Main issues are malaria, typhoid, urine infections, constipation and other pregnancy related illnesses.
Helena and Robert

Saturday 26th October 2013
Spent today at the medical mission, we took all the equipment with us and watched the staff open the bags and look at the equipment and theatre drapes and gowns.  They seemed pleased and were excited to hear about out future plans - but we are going to sit down with all the staff on Tuesday to see what they think and what they feel would be good for the mission.
We also held a free medical camp today and have plan for more whilst we are here.
See you soon
Helena and Robert

Friday 25th October 2013
We arrived in Uganda at about 23.00 after almost 14.00 or travelling, tired but looking forward to the trip. 
We have met with the solicitor and begun the legal wheels to formally change the name of the medical centre.
Plans over the next few days are 2 free medical camps to advertise the change of name - but to explain the service remains unchanged.
Also planned are some health sessions in local schools, on how to keep yourself healthy. This could be a challenge as I don't teach little children. 
We are meeting with the staff of the medical centre to say hello and seek their ideas and hopes for the future of TOMM. We also come baring gifts - of theatre equipment - I would love to have seen the face of the customs person looking at our suitcases with the speculums and retractors etc :)
Hope this gives a flavour of where we are up to so far more to follow and if we can some pictures!
See you soon 
Robert and Helena x x x
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