About Us

The Olive Medical Centre is a project which we started when we took over the harvest medical centre out in Kampala Uganda, since then our charity has changed and developed from just providing care in a medical centre setting as we began to see there was so much need to have something which reached the people who needed it most rather than always needing those people to come to us. We are therefore trying to raise money so we can create a mobile clinic through having a vehicle and creating a system where we can bring health care to people who are most vulnerable. We are also looking at health promotion and disease prevention and our vision is to create a vaccination programme. Diseases like typhoid are killing people daily in Uganda and yet the vaccinations exist, and the cost of treating typhoid is similar to the cost of preventing. We want to see people set free from these diseases as well as increasing awareness of ways to prevent diseases. We also eventually want to build a centre which provides excellent care and is purpose built to deal with the main health care needs of Uganda. We want to offer excellence, free at point of access care and care which sets us apart. 

We believe we do what we do because its not only the right thing to do but as a Christian organisation we also believe we are mandated by God to heal the sick and provide for them.  ‘And he sent them out to proclaim the kingdom of God and to heal the sick.’ Luke 9:2

Our founders and managers Robert and Helena Brown are both volunteers who are passionate to see this project become successful and make a difference in a country they have all spent time in and have witnessed first hand the exceptional need. They all work hard to raise money for TOMM by attending shows and fares selling fair trade African Crafts they get directly from Uganda, as well as hosting parties and partnering with local business' to raise awareness and money. They also have some regular givers and without them nothing would be possible out in Uganda. The African Crafts are also available from the High Peak Foot Clinic in Whaley Bridge where Robert works. 

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